Alvin Ease is a DJ / Producer hailing from the South suburbs of Chicago with over 28 years of experience. The definition of Ease is to move carefully or gradually with absence of difficulty or effort, which is exactly what Alvin Ease does in his mixing. His sound is eclectic, ranging from Hip-hop, R&B, Funk, Soul, Latin, Disco, House Music and everything in between.

He began his career collecting vinyl all over the city and started spinning them at house parties in the early 90’s, quickly transitioning to spinning at events all over the city. Eventually he made his way into the Chicago nightlife scene and across the globe spinning in cities such as Houston, London, Vienna and Manila, etc. Circa 2000, Alvin Ease held Chicago residencies at Beviamo Wine Bar and Spybar with rotations at the Dragon Room, Transit Night Club, Zentra, Domain, Rednofive, & Bordos, etc. More recently, he has rotated at The Drake, Arbella, Theory, Debonair Social Club, Fame, Emporium, Cira at Hoxton Hotel & The Hampton Social in Chicago to name a few. In 2020, he began to stream his live sets on Twitch which started during the pandemic and continues to every Thursday and Friday. Since 2021, he has released multiple tracks and a EP on Bandcamp. In 2022, he signed with Sunrising Records and released his first single called “Think Out Loud”, available on all platforms. He recently joined Myxglobal for their MYXradio show called HouseBrew which airs every Friday at 10pm PST.

He has shared the stage with top DJ acts such as The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff, Paul Johnson, Ron Caroll, Diz, Mark Farina, JT Donaldson, Hatiras, Mark Grant, Andre Harris, Local Options, FLX, Greg Norwood, Jay Funk, DJ D::Double, Cathy Frey and many others. Alvin Ease continues to create and spin music that is timeless, turning on his crowd to new music while bringing them back with the past. He keeps a soulful, infectious vibe and groove with his eclectic sound, always inviting the crowd on the dance floor and keeping them there and wanting more.

Check out Alvin’s Linktree to find out more about him.