Frequently Asked Questions

These Are Some of Questions Asked By Our Clients

1. Do you bring all the necessary equipment for our event or do we need to provide anything?
We bring all the equipment we need for every event. For the DJ, we simply need an 8X8 area to set up, preferably near a standard power outlet. We do require a 6 foot table to be set up in the area where you’ll want the DJ. We will bring our own linen to cover the table, however we are open to have your bring your own linen to help match your event decor. We will also bring our own facade to cover the front of the DJ table.

2. Do you bring back up equipment, in case anything happens?
Yes, we definitely do. We are very experienced in the industry and know how to handle a situation that my need adjustments/replacement for any reason our set-up is malfunctioning or unable to fulfill your needs. We always check-in with our staff during set-up making sure everything is 100% and always have an“on-call” staff if any problems arise during the time of your event.

3. What is your cancellation policy?
Our cancellation policy states that your retainer-fee is non-refundable. We will apply your retainer-fee towards any future event. However, refunds only on any payments made toward the balance, less the retainer-fee.

4. How long does it take to set up and break-down your equipment?
Depending on the needs of your event, set-up time can take anywhere from 90 minutes, and up to 3-4 hours or more. Most weddings and local events that we’ve worked at can take approximately 90 – 120 minutes. Break down is approximately one hour (or more if using multiple systems).

5. Can we create our own playlist or request songs to be played?
Absolutely! We encourage all of our clients to fill out our music planning sheet that will have the genres of music you prefer, as well as a list of favorite artists and any must-play or do-not-play songs! We do not charge extra to create your playlist. We have a huge online music library that has all genres of music.

We even have a helpful “popular songs” section, which provides guidance and suggestions for key moments songs, such as first dance songs, father/daughter songs, etc. This is your wedding/event and you should be able to decide what we play.

6. How many people will be working at the day of our wedding or event?
It depends on the needs of your event. We typically have two people at every
wedding/event, but sometimes less, or sometimes more. It all depends on the proximity and the complexity of your event. We may have additional staff come early, to help set-up but limited to 1-2 people during the actual start time to end.

7. Will you need to be provided a meal at our event?
We do request a vendor meal for any wedding or event that is 4 hours or longer. We ask this because our staff will arrive 2 hours or more before the start time and at least stay an additional 1 hour time for break-down. 7-8 Hours total for the entire day without food can be tough.

8. Can you provide any other entertainment aside from DJing during our event?
Yes we can. We have a staff of singers, guitarists, dance instructors and more! Let us know what you have in mind and we will see if we can deliver upon request.

9. Is there an additional charge for special-requested dance floor lighting?
If there is a particular light that you request that we do not have, we can obtain the light(s), for an additional charge.

10. Is set-up/break-down time included in our package or is it charged separately?
This is one of the most popular of our wedding DJ questions. Be sure to ask all of your wedding vendors this question! We do not charge extra for set up; your time starts when the music starts, not when we arrive to set up. You are also not charged for break-down time, either.

However, if you need us to set up earlier than 2 hours, or break-down later than one hour after the event ends, there will be an additional charge. Example: wedding ceremony starts at 5 pm, and we’d normally arrive at 3 pm, to set up, but you need the DJ to set up at 12 pm. Many companies do not include set-up/break-down time and charge additional fees for this time. Again, we do not do this, unless it is the above exception.

11. What do you typically wear?
We always dress appropriately for the occasion. Our staff will wear slacks and a button up dress shirt. For outdoor, summer events, we have company Polo shirts we typically wear, with slacks. If we need to dress more formal, please let us know and we definitely can do this.

12. Is there a minimum amount of hours to book?
Yes, we require a two hour minimum for just the DJ and 3 hour minimum for photo booth services. For weddings and photo booth services, we require a three hour minimum.

13. Will the DJ take requests?
Yes, we can definitely take requests. We will do our best to play all requests, given that we have the song and there is enough time to get through the written playlist and must-play songs. We ask all our clients to let us know if requests are okay and ask for any restrictions on requests, such as: “Yes, play requests, but no rap, metal, etc.”

14. If the crowd is shy or not dancing, do you motivate the crowd to dance?
We rarely have to do this, but yes, we definitely can. We do numerous weddings and events, all year, so we know what people like and want to dance to in any situation. We play great music and people will dance!

15. When is the final balance due?
The final balance is due 30 days prior to your event. We’ll meet in person, phone or and do an online chat with you 4-6 weeks before your event date to finalize your planning forms, answer any other event/wedding questions you may have and arrange final payment. Many customers also opt-in to pay in increments. If this is the case, let us know and we can make arrangements. We will send you an updated invoice reflecting each payment and remaining balance(s).

16. Do you take breaks during the ceremony/reception?
We are here for you. We do not take breaks. We will have a chair next to us and may sit down, however we will always be available at any time throughout the event.

17. What if my DJ becomes ill or cannot make it to my event?
We have associate DJs that we work closely with and will always have one company partner available at all times. Fortunately, this has never happened! We require our staff DJs to let us know as soon as possible if this should ever occur.

For reassurance, a partner/owner will personally DJ the event. We will review all of the requirements and be sure we have all the music and reassure all event needs are covered.

18. What time will you arrive to set up for our event?
We arrive approximately 2 hours prior to the start time of all events in order to set-up and test our equipment. If you have purchased several other options such as Karaoke, Singers, Extra lighting and speakers etc., we will usually arrive 2.5 – 4 hours prior to the start time. There may be an additional charge if we need to arrive earlier than 2 hours which didn’t include any added options/services to your original package.

19. How does it work if I have a band playing and only need you to play during the ceremony, cocktail hour and for the band’s break, later on during the night?
We base our rates based on the time we start the first song and end the last song (time of service starts when the music starts). For example, if we start for the ceremony and stop playing music due to live musicians, we cannot technically be put our service time on pause since we are there throughout the event.

Although we may not be playing music, our DJs will often still make necessary announcements, call tables, facilitate toasts, speeches, etc.

20. Do you have liability insurance?
Yes, we carry a liability insurance that covers all of our wedding/event venues.

21. What is your favorite pizza and the one related to your packages?
Definitely the deep dish! We love to go Big!