DJ Eugene learned DJing in the Philippines during his Sophomore year in high school. It was Eugene’s brother that ignited his passion for music. His brother purchased DJ Equipment and opened up his own mobile business.

Eugene was his brother’s right hand man going to all his brother’s DJ gigs gaining as much experience, knowledge in music, and sharpening his mixing and DJ skills. Word got around about Eugene’s skills which got him his 1st gig at Ventana Bar located in Bacolod City, Philippines.

While in nursing school, Eugene was juggling between DJ gigs and school. Eugene worked on radio as a DJ for Killer Bee 106.3. At that time he was also offered a resident DJ spot at a very well known big-chain club called Volare. Eugene recalls being a resident DJ had it’s perks. He was given his own luxury hotel room and offered fine-dining meals and endless drinks. As young Eugene would say, “this was the life!”

Although this was the life, Eugene also faced some obstacles. Time was scarce. Nursing school and DJing left him somtimes with only 3 hours of sleep per night, 7 days a week. However it was a hustle for him. It was instilled in him that he continued to work and study hard as all of this would eventually pay off one day. After receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, Eugene continued to pursue his DJing career. Eugene worked at multiple venues and radio stations such as Club Rumors, Ventana Bar, Uncle Bens, Quorum Disco 96.3 and Magic 103.

Because of Eugene’s popularity and DJ skills, many opportunities arose in front him landing him the opportunity to travel throughout the Philippines as headling guest DJ at various clubs and bars.

In 2001, life took a turn. He met Stephanie. She agreed to take his hand and followed him on this amazing journey. In 2003, Eugene and Stephanie moved to Chicago, got married and started a new chapter in their life and had a son in 2004.

Eugene is presently working at Christ Medical Center as an Operating Nurse and running A&E Productions which is now known as BaleFante Events.